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In early 2024 The Special Lioness finally made a dream come true, taking a huge leap to launch their very own sensory room with a difference

So many sensory rooms are just bubble tubes and some string lights. It’s a calming and relaxing place but it’s not an engaging and stimulating experience. It isn’t a place that offers new or engaging multi-sensory input.

So as The Special Lioness do best, we saw a gap and filled it! With our bespoke engaging fully immersive Roaring Rainforest.  It's a unique space to delight the senses, stimulate little minds and explore a fantastic fully tactile rainforest

A magical waterfall lights the way to the jungle wall hiding sneaky creatures for inquisitive fingers to explore

The enchanting infinity tree with its secret nooks and crannies to explore gives way to imagination and communication

The noisy mirror wall provides a new way to view our rainforest world with beautiful lights and fascinating angles

Or take a break to explore the flashing lights, cold tinfoil and UV sparkles of our dark pod

With safe and comfortable space to lay, sit and toddle in a captivating space that really does ignite the imagination and feed the senses

Complete with a mobile hoist and changing table suitable for upto 140kg we really have thought of everything to ensure that everyone can enjoy and get the most out of our wonderful enchanting space, giving the best to our children to get the best from them

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