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The Special Lioness

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"The Lioness, The most fearsome mother on the planet....... 
until you meet a Special Lioness"

Claire & Amy

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About Our Charity

Creating Memories and Friendships

Inspired by a life-changing event, The Special Lioness was established in 2017 in Sunderland, UK. Over the years, we have become passionate about giving special families opportunities to make memories that would never be achievable on their own and to create friendships and advocates travelling the same journey. Check out our Facebook page for up to date information and events, or just to connect with other parent\carers.

We are thrilled to have the honour of being the Nominated Charity of the

Mayor of Sunderland for 2023-24

Helping to Build a Community

One of the main reasons The Special Lioness was founded in 2017 was to create a common community, to give a safe environment to talk, ask for help, reach out and help others. To share valuable information, which can only be gained through going through this fight personally or to learn from other parent/carers - Knowledge = Power. 

Our open page on Facebook is available to anyone, however, we have a closed group which is private to our members only, see "The Special Lioness Group" on Facebook.

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